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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sprint HTC Mogul aka PPC-6800 Review

The HTC Mogul from Sprint
Sprint’s HTC Mogul PPC-6800 is Sprint's follow up to its previous smart phone release, the Sprint PPC-6700. But more than just an upgrade in design, the HTC Mogul PPC-6800 packs more powerful features than its predecessor.


The HTC Mogul PPC-6800 has a similar design to that of AT&T's 8525 and the T-Mobile Wing, i.e., the slide out keyboard feature. It runs on Sprint's EV-DO network, has a 2.8 TFT screen with 64k colors, runs on 400 MHz QUALCoMM processor, has 64 MB of RAM, 256 MB of ROM, built-in WiFi, IrDA, Bluetooth 2.0 microSD slot, and a 2 mega pixel camera. The HTC Mogul PPC-6800 also supports Bluetooth A2DP profile.


One of the great advantage of having a Windows Mobile device like the HTC Mogul is the hundreds of applications available in the market that will allow you to fully customize your pocket pc according to your needs. The Push Email capability of the HTC Mogul will also allow you to access your company's email without any hassle. You will also get different input options through the stylus or the QWERTY keyboard which is very easy to type with since the keys are spacious and tactile. Though the 2.8 TFT screen of the PPC-6800 only has 64k standard colors, watching videos is really great and the screen is clear, I recommend converting your videos to Divx and watching it on TCMP, a Pocket PC freeware program that plays great videos.


The 64 MB memory really sucks. You can't open too many applications or those that eat up too much memory since you'd experience lags and it would even make your HTC Mogul experience system hang ups. I wish that they would revert back to the system memory sharing they used to do with the Windows Mobile 2003 SE. Also, don’t buy the HTC Mogul for its 2 mega pixel camera because image quality also sucks. You will get washed up photos and video recording quality is choppy.


If you're looking for a smart phone that's user friendly and you have no patience to learn about new technology or how to tweak your phone, then you probably won't get much out of the HTC Mogul, best you stick with mainstream phones from Nokia or Motorola. However, if you're not afraid to bring your inner geek and explore the joys of tweaking, the PPC-6800 is the best possible smart phone for any tech geeks.


Anonymous said...

Great phone. I personally want one but the HTC Tytn II has more features, I wonder when that one will be coming to the States? Might be buying one like this is the coming months, hopefully, they still have one on stock.

Anonymous said...

This one is way better than the AT&T 8525, plus Sprint's network is more reliable. AT&T and their iPhone is way too overrated.

Unknown said...

Iphone is not overrated its just so "apple" :) Anyway, I've read so review about this phone and seems like a good phone. Well I'll wait for latest N-series.

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