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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Sony DPF-D80 and DPF-D100 digital photo frames

Sony has added to new models to their S-Frame digital photo frames, the Sony DPF-D80 with an 8-inch LCD and the Sony DPF-D100, with a 10 inch LCD display. Sony's new digital photo frame models feature a high quality SVGA resolution (800 x 600 pixels) and is the first amongst Sony's Digital photo frames to offer a 4:3 aspect ratio. This new aspect ratio allows you to display your photos without borders, making full use of the 8 or 10 inch LCD screen.

The Sony DPF-D80 and the DPF-D100 also has an advanced image processing feature that can quickly display images even those with 48 megapixel resolution or picture files that are 100MB. The Sony DPF-D80 and Sony DPF-D100 also has an internal 200MB of storage capacity but also supports most type of memory cards including: Memory Stick Pro, Pro Duo, SD Card, MMC, Compact Flash card, XD-picture card, and Microdrive. These models also support Jpeg and RAW picture file formats.

Other features of the Sony DPF-D80 and DPF-D100 includes an auto orientation sensor, which, like mobile phones with built-in accelerometer, can detect whether it has been placed vertically or horizontally and displays your pictures accordingly. Sony's new digital picture frames also offers up to 10 slideshow variations, a clock and calendar view, and two index modes. An auto power on/off feature is also included so that you can set it to automatically turn off at night and turn on in the morning so you can conserve energy. A remote controller is also included.

The Sony DPF-D80 digital picture frame is now available at all SonyStyle stores for $180 while the Sony DPF-D100 will be available in November for $280. You can check out more Sony Digital Photo/Picture Frame Reviews by clicking the link.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't Forget to Scour For Coupons for your Gadget Shopping

I was ready to buy a new Blu-ray internal drive online but after seeing some promotional codes through email, I remembered to look for NewEgg coupons so that I'll be able to save money. Well a quick Google search was able to save me a few bucks off a Lite-on Blu-ray/DVD burner. The original price was $199.99 but a coupon code Bluray10off, I was able to acquire it for $179.99 plus free shipping. Not bad.

I would have spent more if I haven't thought about scouring the net for coupon codes. Those shopping for gadgets or even clothes should be patient enough and be a smart shopper by searching for coupons on the Internet. It's not so hard and it won't take you more than 10 minutes to do so. Those 5 to 10 minutes of searching will yield you around $20 savings or if you're lucky, even half price off your chosen items.

If you don't have a specific item in mind but you just want to save, then start by visiting websites that offer online coupons such as I'm sure with the hundreds of coupon codes they have, you'll eventually find a specific item that would suit your budget.

The N97 is here

Yep, here's another thing to look forward to this upcoming year: the Nokia N97. The Nokia N97 is the latest of Nokia's touchscreen phones, right on the heels of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The Nokia N97 sports a 3.5 inch touchscreen though it's resistive rather than capacity and a slide out QWERTY keyboard.

Like Mobile Phone Reviews, I also have a good feeling about this one. It's such a nice phone. I wish HTC would make something similar, maybe an HTC Touch HD version with QWERTY would be nice. The Nokia N97 is expected to be released early next year. To know more about the Nokia N97, read the Nokia N97 review.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Best Webhosts

If you’re still looking for a good webhost, here’s a website that might help you narrow down your search: Webhostinggeek provides you with a detailed information about all the good webhosts on the Internet. If after looking over their list you’re still confused about which webhost to choose, look at the user reviews. Of course, some companies would hire third parties to bloat the user reviews on some web hosting sites with positive remarks. Anyways, here are just things you should watch out for when choosing your webhost.

Technical Support

Make sure that your webhost has 24 hours technical support since if you’re outside the US, it would be a hassle to contact them during business hours. Also, look for reviews regarding the companies’ technical support, whether they provide good service or their 24 hours service is a joke.


Some webhosts have dedicated servers and some have shared. If you’re expecting a high amount of traffic, make sure that your webhost has dedicated servers, otherwise, if you’re just looking for something to host your blog then webhosts with shared servers will do.


When reading reviews, keep count of how many users complain about the companies’ downtime. You’re likely to lose potential customers/readers if you choose a webhost that has an excessive amount of downtime.

Good luck finding your webhost.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gaj-It Newsletter

Sigh! I long for the day when my gadget site is mainstream enough so that I’ll be able to give my readers the chance to win some prizes like what Gaj-it is doing. Anyways, I’ve always enjoyed reading Gaj-It’s blog and some of my posts are based on the news they find. Like me, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you may be able to get a chance to win cool prizes like an RC Ducati, an MP3 Player watch, USB microscope or a Playstation Portable.

But prizes aside, subscribing to Gaj-It’s newsletter will keep you up to date about the latest gadget news plus exclusive deals and discounts available only to Gaj-It subscribers. You can sign up here

Identity Verification Protection by

Today online transactions become integral part of any business. They give opportunity to make your business widely available, to save time and money. So everybody can see that Internet and online communication play more and more important part in our life. But the number of risks grows too.

This roll can be listened because it is too long. But here are some examples. Your subscribers have to log in to obtain access to any information or to make any operation. But usual login\password combination doesn’t guarantee absolute fraud protection of identity verification process. And you cannot be sure that person who interacts with your site is your subscriber.

To prevent any fraud and to guarantee maximum protection of identity verification process you have to include some additional threshold of security. Phone number verification and phone confirmation services can be such threshold. Verification by phone is powerful and reliable way to protect both your online business and end-user. It provides maximum security and gives an opportunity to you to sleep well). To integrate phone number verification and phone confirmation services to your business website you don’t need to do any serious changes in your code.

Usually service that provides verification by phone makes a call to remote end-user. To confirm transaction user has to verify phone number by inputting special PIN. Against the scheme this PIN is giving during the registration and user inputs it by means of phone’s keyboard or is spoken into headset and inputted is special window of web application.

As you can see phone number verification and phone confirmation services are very reliable and secure way to provide high level protection both of your business and subscribers. Besides they are to integrate and to use. In general such services automate an important online identity verification process and can be used for many types of confirmation of interactions and transactions.