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Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't Forget to Scour For Coupons for your Gadget Shopping

I was ready to buy a new Blu-ray internal drive online but after seeing some promotional codes through email, I remembered to look for NewEgg coupons so that I'll be able to save money. Well a quick Google search was able to save me a few bucks off a Lite-on Blu-ray/DVD burner. The original price was $199.99 but a coupon code Bluray10off, I was able to acquire it for $179.99 plus free shipping. Not bad.

I would have spent more if I haven't thought about scouring the net for coupon codes. Those shopping for gadgets or even clothes should be patient enough and be a smart shopper by searching for coupons on the Internet. It's not so hard and it won't take you more than 10 minutes to do so. Those 5 to 10 minutes of searching will yield you around $20 savings or if you're lucky, even half price off your chosen items.

If you don't have a specific item in mind but you just want to save, then start by visiting websites that offer online coupons such as I'm sure with the hundreds of coupon codes they have, you'll eventually find a specific item that would suit your budget.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Natalie, nice site:) I notice you suggest using coupons and I agree. Our current financial state is now pressing us in that direction. I haven't seen the site mentioned here and I thought you might want to know about it. The site offers pre-programmed searches for anything along with free software to track your coupons. Anyhow, good luck -Tom