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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Identity Verification Protection by

Today online transactions become integral part of any business. They give opportunity to make your business widely available, to save time and money. So everybody can see that Internet and online communication play more and more important part in our life. But the number of risks grows too.

This roll can be listened because it is too long. But here are some examples. Your subscribers have to log in to obtain access to any information or to make any operation. But usual login\password combination doesn’t guarantee absolute fraud protection of identity verification process. And you cannot be sure that person who interacts with your site is your subscriber.

To prevent any fraud and to guarantee maximum protection of identity verification process you have to include some additional threshold of security. Phone number verification and phone confirmation services can be such threshold. Verification by phone is powerful and reliable way to protect both your online business and end-user. It provides maximum security and gives an opportunity to you to sleep well). To integrate phone number verification and phone confirmation services to your business website you don’t need to do any serious changes in your code.

Usually service that provides verification by phone makes a call to remote end-user. To confirm transaction user has to verify phone number by inputting special PIN. Against the scheme this PIN is giving during the registration and user inputs it by means of phone’s keyboard or is spoken into headset and inputted is special window of web application.

As you can see phone number verification and phone confirmation services are very reliable and secure way to provide high level protection both of your business and subscribers. Besides they are to integrate and to use. In general such services automate an important online identity verification process and can be used for many types of confirmation of interactions and transactions.

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