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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First batch of iPhone pre-orders sold out

If you thought of importing an unlocked iPhone 4 from the UK since pre-orders here in the US are already sold out and you don't want to wait in line, well, think again. Coz in the UK, iPhone 4 pre-orders which will be shipped by June 24th are already sold out and the next batch will get shipped by July 2nd. Ouch. In that case, you might want to get an unlocked one from the other countries where the iPhone 4 will be released come July. 

Or you could go the hard way and just wait in line on June 24th. See you there.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

iPhone 4 Pre-order starts June 15th

Apple fanboys and curious mobile phone users alike, if you want to make sure that you're one of the first persons to get their hands on Apple's newest mobile phone, the iPhone 4, then you can pre-order straight from Apple's website starting June 15th.

Why pre-order instead of just lining up? Well, based on the iPhone 4 features, it's easily one of the best, feature-packed mobile phone in the market today. Even some Apple critics are excited about the new iPhone 4 so I'll bet Apple is in for another record breaking first week of sales.