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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Samsung S3650 Corby goes by Genio in the UK

I don't know what it is with Samsung and the names they dub their mobile phones over in the UK. The Samsung Star went by Tocco Lite, the Samsung Soul B went by Lucido and now the Samsung Corby is going by the name, Samsung Genio.

Honestly, they should just stick with one name for the rest of the world as a lot of people in the UK are importing unlocked mobile phones and all these different names might confuse some people. Anyways, the Samsung S3650, or Corby, or Genio, whatever you might want to call it is Samsung's newest cheapo touchscreen mobile phone. It's supposed to be geared for teeners because it has different colors (what is it about teeners and different colors anyways?) but with the Samsung Star still very much selling like hotcakes, we'll see if the Corby will be able to penetrate its target market.