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Friday, November 13, 2009

How to Get Money Laundering Collection Mafia Wars

If you're an avid Mafia Wars gamer like me, you might have noticed the dirty bra under your wish list if your wish list has been empty. And when you go to your collections and vault tab, you'll notice that there's a new collection called the "money laundering collection" and items listed include: Money Iron, Dirty laundry, Dryer sheets, Money Line, Roll of Quarters, Death by Detergent, and Dirty Bra.

So how do you get the Money Laundering Collection items? Well, according to Mafia Wars Blog:

"Money Laundering is a new feature whereby when you are doing a job, there's a chance of hitting a bigger payday than usual. When this happens, if you can get your friends to help you launder this big payday, you can keep the cash and gain additional experience points. Your friends in turn will also benefit by getting a cut of your stash and a special collection item."

One of my Mafia wars friends happened to publish this money laundering feature. The text on the published post reads:

"____ hit the jackpot, but needs helps laundering their money! The Feds are watching! _____ is offering a cut to all their friends who help!"

I clicked on the link and I got a $5,000,000 cut but unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to get a money laundering collection item. One of his friends got it though one of them received a "money line" and another received "roll of quarters".

So basically, you need to have a lot of friends in order to complete the money laundering collection. Since you won't get it on your own. Sounds hard. According to Mafia wars wiki, vault bonus includes 10% more money laundered.