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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Best Webhosts

If you’re still looking for a good webhost, here’s a website that might help you narrow down your search: Webhostinggeek provides you with a detailed information about all the good webhosts on the Internet. If after looking over their list you’re still confused about which webhost to choose, look at the user reviews. Of course, some companies would hire third parties to bloat the user reviews on some web hosting sites with positive remarks. Anyways, here are just things you should watch out for when choosing your webhost.

Technical Support

Make sure that your webhost has 24 hours technical support since if you’re outside the US, it would be a hassle to contact them during business hours. Also, look for reviews regarding the companies’ technical support, whether they provide good service or their 24 hours service is a joke.


Some webhosts have dedicated servers and some have shared. If you’re expecting a high amount of traffic, make sure that your webhost has dedicated servers, otherwise, if you’re just looking for something to host your blog then webhosts with shared servers will do.


When reading reviews, keep count of how many users complain about the companies’ downtime. You’re likely to lose potential customers/readers if you choose a webhost that has an excessive amount of downtime.

Good luck finding your webhost.

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