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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Website Review: Heavenly Couture

Being stylish doesn’t have to come at a steep price you can actually have that Hollywood look and it doesn’t have to cost you beyond fifty dollars. Heavenly Couture is a website that has everything at $17.95 or almost eighty five percent off the retail prices. Heavenly Couture offers a variety of stylish clothes that never runs out of style.

Heavenly Couture offers a very professional website and is easy to navigate. They’ve categorized their clothes per item of clothing (e.g. tops, sweaters, hoodies) so it’s easy to go to exactly which page you’d like to visit. Their prices are unbeatable and as I browse through their clothing line, I have yet to see an item of clothing that’s out of style. If you’re looking for outfits for your teenagers or young adults, this site is the place to go since most of their clothing lines are for junior clothing or teen fashion.

These two clothes are just a sample of their clothing line and how trendy the website’s fashion sense is. If you’re looking for a gift for your teenager daughter and you have no sense of style at all, this website would help you a lot since any item of clothing you choose is always trendy.

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