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Friday, January 18, 2008

Gadgets in TV Shows: Prison Break Boxed In

So I've decided to do a new segment on my blog called Gadgets in Movies/TV Shows wherein I attempt to identify the models of the gadgets used in a particular movie or show in case you're interested in buying the same one. First up, we have the recent episode of Prison Break which is boxed in. As you can see, Lincoln has a mobile phone which looks like a Blackberry, there's no doubting the QWERTY keypad and the design but which model is it?

Based on the back side of the device and the color of the QWERTY keyboard (see encircled portion), this device is a Blackberry 8700.

It's a fairly old model of the Blackberry, released in 2004 and is probably obsolete by now which means you probably won't get the chance to buy the same model, but you could opt for a newer model of the Blackberry like the Blackberry Pearl and the 8300 Curve which as a built-in digital camera.

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Anonymous said...

Not obsolete. Still work on any network (BBs typically don't go obsolete). I just got rid of my 8700... 8820 is a better model in every way.

Siddy said...

mate, I am from india... i need to know the model number of the phone Susan B. uses in season 3 of prison break.. i dont think we have it here so i cant recognize it. a relative of mine would be going to US soon so your help would mean a lot.. thanks

natalie1981 said...

Do you have a screenshot or know what episode Susan used it?

Siddy said...

you can see an extremely close view of the phone in episode 7 of season 3 at 21:58/42:19. In that scene, susan is waiting for lincoln's call. They show that the time is 3:30 on her cell phone screen