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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How to Play the PSP Slim on Your TV

When Sony released the PSP Slim or PSP 2000, I thought the only new thing about it is that it's slimmer and that's it, kinda like when Sony introduces a new color for the PSP. However, when I purchased a PSP package from a nearby local store, I got some sort of AV cable and the store seller told me that one of the great added features on the PSP slim is its ability to output video unto your television.

I have had my PSP for a month without using its output video capabilities since the main reason I purchased a PSP was for its portability and I already have a PS2 console at home so there was really no need for me to hook it up on my TV. When I loaned my PS2 to my brother, I thought I would try out the PSP's output video feature.

The PSP package that I bought includes an AV S-Video composite cable so I thought it was just as easy as plugging in the cable that fits into the different holes and then matching the colors. The AV S-Video composite cable has an S-Video connector, and the standard three-colored (Red, white, yellow) video and audio connectors. I tried plugging it first unto my PC with Leadtek TV tuner but I was frustrated when I found out that the S-Video connector doesn't fit. I took out the manual of my Leadtek TV tuner only to find out that I wasn't plugging the S-Video cable unto the S-Video slot, that there was actually an adapter. So, I've overcome the first hurdle.

When all the cables where plugged correctly, I turned on the Winfast application on my PC and pressed the S-Video input, I then pressed and held the "display" button on my PSP for five seconds. The display button is the button with the monitor icon beside the start button. I was elated when I saw my PSP home screen on my LCD monitor. I quickly inserted my UMD only to have a message saying that I cannot play videos without an AV component cable and that the TV needs to be on progressive scan. I double checked my WinFast settings and it was on progressive scan so I was baffled about what's wrong.

I turned to my PSP manual and read the fine print and that's when it hit me: I was using the wrong cable. To play video games on the PSP, you need an AV component cable and not an AV composite cable. It turns out that AV composite cables only plays videos, photos, and music on your TV but not the PSP games themselves. You need an AV component cable to do all of the previous three tasks plus playing PSP games. I hated the store seller for not telling me that. The difference between AV component cables and AV composite cables lie in the connectors. An AV composite cable only has three connectors colored yellow, red, and white while an AV component cable has five connectors; two reds, a green, blue, and white connector.

So basically, playing PSP games on your TV or LCD monitor is really quite easy if you can read the fine print, unlike me. What you need: AV component cable and a TV that supports progressive scan. You just connect the cables and then press and hold the display button for five seconds and there you go.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hint, i'll be buying a cable to try this out, but i;ll be going for the AV component cable!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks i'll be trying this out, with the AV component cable mind!

wibs11 said...


i have a tv with three coloured slots on the front which are yellow, white and red and my component cable has the colours of two red ones 1 green 1 and 1 white 1 and 1 blue one

i put the white and the red one in and i hear sound but i try the other colours in the yellow slot but none of them works do you have any ideas why it dosent work?


natalie1981 said...

Try this following this jpeg illustration:

Hope this helps.

NSVOE said...

ok..... i have been reading al over the internet about how you MUST have a *T V* that has the component and progressive ability.... but me being a simple technician can't wrap my brain around WHY in theory it wold be imposable to just use a dvd player with these capability's???? they even have recorders that have coaxial out (cable) to your tv. please someone tell me that someone's already thought of that.

i don't have the cables as i just got my first psp (go me). can someone try this?? hopefully b4 i go out and possabiy waste money on it. i'm sure i wil anyway and if not just return it.

Anonymous said...

I tried it on my dvd player and i cant figure out how to switch the dvd player into "component video out" mode.

Other than that i got the cables all hooked up right,and my tv on aux.

Aninha said...

bro i was also going to buy av composite cable after reading your post i am going to buy componenet cable , thanks a lot

good post otherwise i was in trouble after purchasing composite cable.