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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Motorola W230: newest affordable handset from Motorola

I always liked Motorola's low-end handsets. It's because even though they're cheap, they're still feature-packed, which is something I can't say about low-end handsets from Nokia. The Motorola W230 is their latest affordable handset.

The Motorola W230 has a candy-bar design and frankly, not really that stylish. The only thing I can say about Motorola's low-end handsets is that even though they have greater features than others, their design sucks. You can change the color of your Motorola W230 since it has interchangeable faceplates.

The Motorola W230 also offers a built-in FM radio, something which is lacking even on their RAZR phones, it also has a microSD slot which can support up to 2GB of external memory. If you're looking for a basic phone with mediocre music-playing capabilities, then the Motorola W230 is worth checking out.

Pricing for the Motorola W230 has not yet been announced but it is expected to be available during the first quarter of 2008.


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குறளோவியம் said...

how is music player? its fine or bad?

குறளோவியம் said...

hi natalie. im arul from india.
how r u?

natalie1981 said...

Like I said, based on experience I've had with previous cheaper Motorola handsets, I'd say ranges from mediocre to slightly bad depending if you're an audiophile or not.

natalie1981 said...

BTW, thanks for dropping by, Arul.

Lava said...

Hi natalie, i'm very interested in this phone coz i cant carry camera phones inside my office. i have moto e398 which i think is the best music player in terms of sound qulaity compared to any others(but it has a camera..:(...). how much would u rate the sound quality for w230. By the way w230 costs 3000 rs in india, they provide 256 mb card with c\it and can support upto 2gb. also if some one is looking for same features and better design then wait for few more days w270 will be released which has better looks

natalie1981 said...

I'm not really an audiophile so I just have to say that it's mediocre. If you have a Motorola E398, sound quality is likely to be the same as both are lower end handsets from Motorola.