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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sony ICD-UX70 and ICD-UX80: Cool looking Dictation Device

Looks like voice recorders are not totally obsolete as can be gleaned from these new voice recorders, the Sony ICDUX70 and ICDUX80. Both devices does not only have voice recording capabilities but can playback MP3s, up to 2GB internal storage and a high speed USB Connection.

While most MP3 players has voice recording functions, let's face it, it's not really its main function and you end up with distorted recordings. The ICD-UX70 and ICD-UX80 are mainly voice recorders and MP3 playback is only secondary so you can expect high quality voice recordings
from these device.

And good news for stylish ladies, the Sony ICD-UX70 is available in---hold your breath---PINK! The USB connection will also allow you to charge these devices.

The Sony ICD-UX70 and ICD-UX80 will be available this January.

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