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Friday, January 18, 2008

How to install Phone Pad on WM6

If you've recently upgraded your device to WM6 from the previous WM5 version, you probably know that the WM6 ROM does not have the phone pad as an input option. The phone pad has the similar alphanumeric buttons/keys as a regular phone which is a good way for fast texting with one hand on your PDA phone.

Though Microsoft has removed the Phone pad from WM6, there's a way to reinstall it on your device.

1. First you need to download the cab files here.
2. Next you need to extract the rar files in your computer. Right click the file and copy the cab files
3. After extracting and copying the cab file, connect your WM6 phone to your PC, select explore, then paste to your desired destination.
4. On your WM6 phone, go to the destination folder where you transferred the cab file then tap on it.
5. Select where you want to install the program (storage card or phone memory, doesn't make any difference where)

Done! You have now installed the phone pad on your WM6 phone.

Credit to: Prsnow at for the cab files.

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