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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


If you’re heartbroken and looking for love on the internet, there are literally thousands of websites on the internet that promises to hook you up with your soul mate but which one is really best for you? Though it’s easy to just sign-up for the first one that you come across during your Google search, you might not actually find “the One”. Most popular online dating sites are more general and some cater to some specific “needs”.

In order to lessen your agony, 5stardating.com has compiled a list of the best online dating services and internet matchmaking sites on the web. You can browse their datings sites according to your needs, they have a list of Christian Personal Sites, Black Personals, and even Adult Personals.

5stardating.com is only new and their list is not very comprehensive, however, all the well-known personals are here and if you’re new to the online dating scene, you will find that their list is very helpful to get you started and narrow down your search. 5stardating also have various articles that would help newbies in their online dating search. Their articles offer tips such as Places where you can find dates or How to find Your Soulmate, and some offer background information about the dating scene (if you’ve been out of it for a while).

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