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Monday, January 14, 2008

Your Ticket to Your 15 Minutes of Fame

Ever since YouTube has been introduced, everybody has become a budding director. Every video clips shot is quickly uploaded, with everyone hoping that they be included in the most popular videos in order to be recognized. User generated videos has become so popular that everybody is into it, and some TV shows are even featuring people they have discovered in YouTube, like that fan of Britney of cried his heart out on YouTube. It's easy to be entertained by user generated videos because they're candid and you can easily relate with the person because like us, they're pretty average.

YawpBox is a website that is much like YouTube. Users can upload their own videos and it is available for everyone to see on the world wide web. However, with yawpbox, your videos has the opportunity to be featured in a TV show. You don't have to be a budding Stephen Spielberg to get featured, in fact, the most ordinary videos has a chance to be featured. The Lex and Terry Challenge is an assignment given out to users to create specific user generated content. Assignments range from funny videos like their cross dress challenge to outrageous ones like the “do whatever you can to be a star”.

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