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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The newest Advertising Network on the Block

A brief word from our sponsors:

There's a new way to earn advertising revenue from your websites, it's Net Audio Ads. Net Audio Ads works like Adsense and Adwords, advertisers, bid and publishers show the ads on their websites and get paid. However, unlike Adsense and other advertising networks where you get paid only on a per click basis, Net Audio Ads will pay for every visitor on your website.

Another difference about Net Audio Ads from other advertising networks is that ads are not displayed on banners or through text, but through audio ads. The audio ads last around 5 seconds and like Adsense, it is served based on your visitor's interests, demographics, or location. You also get paid on a weekly basis and you have a chance to earn more by referring others.

Their affiliate program is only open up to February 1, 2008, after that it's closed but those who have signed up before February 1, 2008 can still continue earning from their referrals.

Net Audio Ads seems like another way to monetize your website, and the fact that they pay you for every visits to your site, this could be a lucrative source of income for those websites that generate tremendous amount of traffic everyday.

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