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Friday, January 25, 2008

How to choose your Grandfather Clock

So you’ve decided that your house needs new furniture and you’ve decided to get yourself one of those grandfather clocks but out of all the designs, finishes and colour, which one should you choose? First, you need to do your homework before buying and follow this simple guide.

  1. Where would you put it. First, know where you will put in your home. Take a look at your home décor and see what colours are prominent and take note of that.
  2. Take note of your décor. After looking over your interior design, decide what look you would like your grandfather clock to have, e.g., if your décor is more on the contemporary, traditional or modern.
  3. Decide on the finishing. If you’re going for the traditional, you would need to decide whether you would want your grandfather clock to have an oak, cherry, or mahogany finish.
  4. Set your budget. If you just want an extra clock in your house, it’s best not to overspend but if you want to buy a grandfather clock so it could be passed down from your family, it’s good to invest on a branded grandfather clock. My grandmother used to have several Howard Miller grandfather clocks in her house, one was passed down to us and it’s still working. Ridgeway or Kieninger clocks would also do.
  5. 5. Where to buy. If you don’t have a local store that sells good quality grandfather clocks, the internet is always a good resource. There are several online clock stores on the web, be sure to find one that offers free delivery and in-home setup so that you could save money.

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