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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Find the Best IT Jobs

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The IT Industry is one of the most lucrative industries nowadays. 20 years ago, most companies have no IT department but nowadays even small business are bringing in IT personnel. If you've just finished an IT course or if you're looking to jump start your IT career, the web is a vast place and you need a place to start looking, Cititec is just the place to start. specializes in recruiting IT consultants for investment banks. If you're looking for a career in IT or investment banking--or both, has a list of Banking IT Jobs, Financial IT jobs, or just plain programming jobs. Salaries listed are competitive and most of their current openings are in Europe which means you get paid in UK pounds or Euro which is probably a good thing considering the decline of the dollar. Have a look at their website and see if there's an opening suitable for you.

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