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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Moto Z10: Watchout Cyber-shot phones!

Frankly, I really wish that Motorola would go get themselves a good cell phone designer. What is it about their mobile phones that it all looks alike? Really, is it something that's actually planned or do their designers just really suck? Take this Moto Z10, it's a slider phone but looks like the Motorola E8 when closed.

Now I have nothing against Motorola's mobile phones, they have ALL good features, however, if they want to reclaim their second position in the world market, they have better come up with good cell phone design. Now the Motorola E8 is a good cellphone with good features but do they have to incorporate its design on the Moto Z10 which has cool features as well but frankly, lacks identity due to its copied looks.

Well, enough with the Motorola cellphone designers bashing, on to what's actually good about the Moto Z10. The Moto Z10 is actually the first phone I've seen from Motorola that is more mobile phone camera centered. If the Cyber-shot phone is to Sony, the Moto Z10 is to Motorola---or something like that.

The Moto Z10 can capture an astounding 30 frames per second and you can edit your captured videos as well as add soundtracks, commentaries, and visual effects right on your mobile phone. The Moto Z10 is the perfect handset for the budding director or YouTube addicts plus it’s an HSDPA handset making it easier to share your videos.

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