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Monday, January 7, 2008

New Windows Mobile 7 Operating System Features to compete with iPhone?

Well, news has it that the Windows Mobile 7 has been leaked and as I can see from the features of the new Windows Mobile Operating System, it aims to compete with non other than--the iPhone. *Sigh* why is everyone competing with the iPhone?!!!

So, what features of the new Windows Mobile 7 is aimed at the iPhone? What else but its touch interface. According to the Inside Microsoft Blog, WIndows Mobile 7 "will emphasize the use of touch on the device".

Here's another quote from the blog:

Windows Mobile 7 will use motion gestures, something the iPhone does not. It will not use an intricate and complicated series of gyroscopes and accelerometers. Instead, it will use the camera on the phone to detect motions and create appropriate actions. You will be able to shake, twist and otherwise manipulate the phone and get things done. The phone will be able to perform actions when placed face down on a surface, and it will know when it is in your pocket or bag.

What I can't understand is if the Windows Mobile 7 also has full web interface like the iPhone. The blog says: Mobile Internet Explorer runs full-screen web pages in a minimalistic interface, and has “tabbed” browsing, except you can switch tabs by shaking the phone.

Now while shaking to phone in order to do tabbed browsing sounds cool, I don't know what to make about the "minimalistic interface" Does it mean that it can display full screen web pages but it still has minimal Web 2.0 experience?

Oh well, we just have to wait and see. To read more about Windows Mobile 7 and its features, see it here.

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