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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Chris Anderson and his ideas

If you’ve been researching about site optimization you’ve probably come upon the term “Long Tail Keyword” which is based on Wired Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Chris Anderson’s Long Tail Theory. Basically, the Long Tail theory means that consumers are shifting away from mass marketing hits and embrace niche products in the “tail”. Applied to the Long Tail Keyword, it means that in order to get a good number of hits, one should not focus on the mainstream keywords such as “credit cards” but focus on longer and more specific keywords such as “credit card application” since it has less competition.

Well, when 123-reg blog recently interviewed Chris Anderson and he has some things to say about his new book regarding the freemium model.

Basically, in a freemium model is the opposite of the traditional sample model wherein you give away 1% of the product as samples and 99% is sold, in the freemium model, you give away 99% of the product and sell 1% of it. Makes sense and is actually a something good for us consumers.

Based on his Long Tail Theory, I have always thought of Chris Anderson as a practical and sensible man. His Long Tail Theory has helped consumers find exactly what they are looking for and now this Freemium model is another idea that would definitely benefit everyone.

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