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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How to Recover MS Office passwords

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I know that securing your documents is very important however with the thousands of documents you make each day it’s not unusual that you might forget your password. Some would just have one password for all of their documents but having just one password for all of your documents is like having no password at all.

And if you’re an employer who has a fast employee turnover, you might find yourself in a situation wherein you can’t locate your employee and you need to open an MS Office document on their former PC that is password protected.

So what’s the best solution in case you need MS Excel password recovery or MS Office applications like Word or Access or prevent the above scenarios from happening? The answer is at Password-studio is a software that can recovery passwords from Word, Excel and Access documents. It uses Smart Dictionary and Bruteforce hacking methods to recover passwords. The company also guarantees that it will recover your lost password or they will refund your money.

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