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Monday, January 7, 2008

How NOT to get banned driving in the UK

Okay, if you're an American and you've just relocated to the UK or an American living in the UK, you know that getting a speeding ticket is as easy as walking around the block. Not only will you have to deal with driving with a right-hand car, you will also have to deal with new traffic laws.

The UK is known for issuing tickets for minor offenses plus huge fines. Also, you can easily get banned after just twelve points. Believe me, getting banned from the motorway is a big blow, so what’s a guy to do? Find loopholes in the traffic laws of course. There are ways to get out of your speeding ticket and cancel your parking fees, legally that is. offers you guide on UK driving laws so you won’t have to get banned in England’s motorways. The site even offers a 100% guarantee to back up their claim.

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