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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ricoh 500SE: barcode scanning digital camera

Ricoh 500SE with barcode scanner
Now here's the first time that I've come across a barcode scanning digital camera, the Ricoh 500SE. Now while the Ricoh 500SE is not for us average consumers (come one, what would we EVER need a barcode scanner for?), it could be especially useful for retailers.

The Ricoh 500SE can support 1D barcodes and can scan these barcodes through its lens or the optional SE-4 laser scanning module. Aside from that, the Ricoh 500SE also has a built-in 802.11b/g wireless LAN and Bluetooth so you can transfer your images wirelessly to any compatible devices.

Another additional feature that I wish would be present to ALL future digital cameras, is that the Ricoh 500SE is shock and waterproof resistant. Now THAT's a pretty useful feature. If you can shell out $899 for a digital camera, the Ricoh 500SE is a pretty high end camera. It has been around since last year and was first marketed as the first GPS ready digital camera.

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Unknown said...

Auction has integrated the Ricoh 500 SE-W with a web based visual inventory application allowing retailers to quickly tag items with barcode labels, scan the label using the 500 SE-W camera, take photos and send wifi to automatically build an online inventory record with photos directly from the camera. Online photo tools and unlimted photo hosting alogn with integration to ebay allows sellers to easily list items for sale.