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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where to buy hand crank penny press machines

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Wow, I though I'd never see one of these babies again, a hand crank penny press machine! My grandfather used to own one of these penny machine since he was an avid collector of elongated coins. I remember I used to watch him go at it in his basement and I'd be amazed at the squashed coins. I'd even pester my mom about giving me a bunch of pennies just so I could try my grandpa's penny machine. I'd show these pressed coins to my friends and they were all, "wow, how'd you do that?".

My grandfather even used to tell me a story that when he was young he used to put a bunch of coins on a railroad track so that the train would squish the pennies since back then he didn't own a penny machine, my mom would then give him a hard look, saying, "don't give her any ideas." Those were the good old days. If you're just starting collecting, I'd recommend a hand crank penny press as the electronic ones never do a great job as the traditional ones.

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