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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mortgage Leads

A brief word from our sponsors:

ZipSearch is a company that provides mortgage leads and insurance leads online. ZipSearch's website offers mortgage companies with a real-time lead distribution, a perfect tool for companies in order to get ahead of their competition rather than wait at the end of the day to get their leads.

If you're a lender or broker, you might wonder why lead management is important to you, well, let's face it, there are a lot of competition in the market and if your company is just starting out, you don't have a lot of clientèle or know what consumers are looking for, businesses that provides lead management like ZipSearch could help you grow your business clientèle. Lead Managers can provide you information regarding consumers response to advertising. ZipSearch's mortgage leads includes refinance leads, purchase leads, home equity leads, credit and loan amount filters, etc. Plus, with ZipSearch's quality assurance architecture, you can be assured that you're not getting unfiltered leads so you can get better lead conversion.

With the sub-prime crisis going on, more and more people are interested in refinancing their mortgage and ZipSearch can provide you with clients who are really interested and not just provide you with a list of names. So choose ZipSearch as your partner and let your business grow.

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