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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Motorola W270 featured in Motorola CES booth

Here's another affordable handset that Motorola launched at the 2008 CES, the Motroola W270.

Unlike the W230, the Motorola W270 is a clamshell phone, however don't expect the RAZR thin design because unlike the RAZR phone line, the Motorola W270 is a bit on the bulky side. The design actually reminds me of the previous Motorola MPX220 phone but with lots of colors instead of the silver design. If the Motorola W270 is indeed like the MPX220, then you'd like that this clamshell phone has a more solid feel and you can actually here it lock into place when opened.

The Motorola W270 only supports dual band GSM technology and like the W230, it has a built-in FM Radio and has a microSD expansion slot. There's no digital camera on this baby, but if you're looking for a solid, music-centered and affordable mobile phone with a bit more stylish flare, then you can find it all here on the Motorola W270.

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