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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How Internet Servers May Learn from HoneyBees

According to researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Internet servers may use the organization of a swarm of honeybees, like how they managed to collect nectar without a central command and limited resources, to improve the efficiency of their servers.

A communications system developed by Georgia Tech was inspired by the bee dance. The communication systems help servers to move between tasks, lessening the chance that a website will be overloaded with requests and potentially shutting down.

Internet servers are the ones running the web sites and there are usually a number of servers devoted to one web site. The servers provide the computing power to access the website and requests to access a website is very hard to predict so servers usually overload when a certain web site is accessed by different people at the same time. When a server overloads, the web site shuts down and couldn't be accessed resulting to a loss in traffic or potential customers for that website.

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