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Monday, January 7, 2008

Sony readies new HD Handycam lineup for 2008

In a recent Sony Press release, Sony introduced their newest lineup of HD Handycam models. Six new models will join Sony's High Definition Handycam camcorders with new models that have Face Detection feature on both video and photo. The Sony HDR-SR12E and Sony HDR-HC9E are just two of the models whose pictures I was able to grab at the Sony Europe Press center website.

Will blog more about the 2008 Sony Handycam lineup in the following days. But for now, let's just drool over these pics.

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Unknown said...

wonder why hdr-hc9e is so different from other models based on other formats(hdv vs hdd,dvd and flash). hdr-hc93 has no face detection, smaller still picture sensor and it looks like sony leave those features for proffesional equipment only or sony want to push clients to buy models with hdd, dvd or flash recording system. not mentioned that the picture quality and storage was better and easier when using DV tapes.