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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cheap Virtual Offices

Though working at home is most of the times fun and cost effective, as your business grows, you can’t exactly expect your home to accommodate all your business expansions, after all, it is called a “home” for a reason. If you’re looking for cheap private small offices and you’re located near Memphis, there’s a small company that leases executive suites memphis, Tennessee.

Private small offices start at $120 per month or if you really don’t need an office and you just need a place to meet your clients once in a while, the company offers a virtual office space for as low as $45 a month. With their virtual office space, you can have an actual business address in Memphis, TN, mail forwarding service, Memphis voice mail, incorporation services if you want to set-up a business in Tennessee, and use of their conference room or working area.

For those with online business but have no real office space, their virtual office is a perfect solution. You can use their address and have them forward their mail to you, plus if you’re a non-US resident, they may be able to help you start your own US business since they also have a registered agent service option.

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Unknown said...

There are also a lot of virtual offices that work from a bunch of people at home, like from a virtual PBX like GotVmail. It's great how working from home doesn't make you look like a bum anymore.