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Friday, December 7, 2007

PerlDesk: Web based help desk application

Most companies customer service is already outsourced nowadays however, there’s one disadvantage of having it outsourced: communication barriers. While there are a lot of good English speaking persons in other countries, there’s still the risk of communication breakdown when you’re dealing with a person whose natural language isn’t English and you’ll end up with disappointed customers.

Setting up your own helpdesk in your company or customer service is really easy if you have the right help desk software. And if your help desk software is web based, you can hire a work at home team, augmenting your savings.

PerlDesk is a web based help desk application that has built in email handling, support management and reporting. With PerlDesk, you can create your own knowledge base for your users to browse and you even have the option of converting a reply to a question into a knowledge base article, ensuring that it your knowledge base is always updated.

The web based interface of PerlDesk is very simple and easy to understand. Your staff can quickly view resolved and unresolved tickets and quickly resolved issues assigned to them. With the administration features on PerlDesk, you can monitor your staff’s activity, manage their accounts, or customize design templates, among others.

The PerlDesk help desk application can be purchased for download or if you’re a small company, you can try their hosted help desk software which doesn’t require any technical expertise on your part.

To view the features of PerlDesk, visit their website and try out their fully functional online demonstration of their application.

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