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Friday, December 14, 2007

PayPerClick Advertising

Payperclick advertising is a good way to drive traffic from your website and while advertising in Google and Yahoo may deliver clicks, the advertising costs alone far outweighs its benefits for smaller websites. But there are other least expensive payperclick advertising on the web like Adknowledge. Adknowledge’s text ads are 30% less than the cost of Yahoo or Google and they offer $50 in FREE PPC Advertising for new members.

Adknowledge has an email and banner network wherein they could distribute your text-based listing. Adknowledge’s also allows advertisers to bid for traffic in display, email and smaller search engines.

Adknowledge also has a Click Scoring technology which will protect advertisers from click fraud. Their Click Scoring Technology uses special algorithms that can identify click fraud and automatically removes links identified as such. You only pay for clicks that have the highest probability of converting. Though Google’s click fraud detection system is rated as the best, they also are more prone to click frauds since most web publishers uses Adsense, with Adknowledge’s BidSystem, there’s a lesser chance that you would pay for fraudulent clicks. Adknowledge also offers advertisers free tools to help them track their ad campaigns. Adknowledge’s $50 free clicks is only available for a limited time.

Thanks to Adknowledge for this post.

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