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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Motorola Oakley O ROKR Review

Let's face it, go to eBay and you'll probably find tons of sunglasses that play MP3s or imitation Bluetooth Sunglasses but none would probably look as cool as the O ROKR, after all, it is designed by the Sunglass experts at Oakley.

Though the design of the O ROKR isn't really sleek compared with the other sunglasses that Oakley dished out i.e. you won't find the thin arms that has become the standard in most Oakley glasses, the lens design is unmistakably Oakley. Frankly, I preferred the previous design of the RAZRWIRE as the sunglasses used is Oakley through and through. Motorola boasts that the O ROKR uses lightweight O Matter frame, whatever that is, but the O ROKR is still a little bit on the heavy side, weighing in at 55 grams however you would hardly notice the few extra grams whenever you wear the O ROKR. The O ROKR's lenses are also interchangeable to fit any of your outdoor or indoor needs and are made of pure Plutonite, something patented by Oakley that filters 100% of all UV rays. Speaking of patented, the O ROKR's lenses are also coated by Oakley's High Definition Optics for razor sharp clarity.

The main difference between the O ROKR and the previous RAZRWIRE is that the O ROKR has Bluetooth A2DP profile which means you can stream stereo music from your compatible Bluetooth A2DP device or MP3 player. The O ROKR's earphones have three joints so it is easily adjustable and the sunglasses would fit any head size.

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