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Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Free Online Dating Site

I've always wondered why people bother with paid dating sites when they can also meet people using a free online dating site. is a free dating site where you can also meet and hookup with different people and best of all, it isn't limited to just one country, you can meet people all over the world.

Joining is a hundred percent free and with membership, you can view profiles and pictures of other members as well as upload your own pictures and make your own gallery. You can post your personals for free, flirt with other members using the site’s own instant messaging, and join hundreds of chat rooms or you could even create your own chat rooms. deviates away from the normal dating services in the sense that it is more of a social networking site like Friendster or MySpace. Since the style of the website is more of a social networking site, the atmosphere is casual and laid back, no pressure to make a good first impression and all.

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