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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Secure Mail: is a new secure email service that offers more security than ordinary free web mail services.

ADVANTAGES: Simple and rich interface, it’s like Yahoo! Mail Beta meets Outlook minus the clutter and ads. Easy on the eye graphics, user-friendly interface. Consecta Secure Mail also offers more security and privacy than free web mail services since they have a stronger privacy policy that prevents them from selling your information to marketing companies. They also encrypt their email transmissions rather than send it in plain text so that if it is ever intercepted, the hackers will have difficulty in deciphering your email messages. Consecta mail can be used with POP3 email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird and others and you use your own domain name so if you have several blogs it can save you time opening several free web mail services at once. Like Outlook, it also has a Calendar, Task List, Notes and Journal. Sending limit is up to 50MB which is rather large rather than Yahoo Mail Plus’s 20MB.

DISADVANTAGES: At $99.99 a year, it is rather expensive than Yahoo Mail Plus which is $19.99 a year. Limited storage space of only 10GB per mailbox.

LOW-DOWN: Though the $99.99 a year is expensive, it does come with a lot of benefits like the integration with your own domain name and tougher security. If you want to free yourself from your free web mail service provider and want to upgrade to the big league, you should definitely try Consecta Secure Mail.

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