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Friday, December 7, 2007

Unique gift idea: Your face on your bedding

Looking for a unique gift idea this Holiday Season? How about your face plastered on a pillow or bedding? Now, THAT’s unique. If ever you and your significant other have a long distance thing going, this would be the perfect gift to lessen your lonely nights. And why stop at a photo pillow? You can go the whole nine yards and give them a photo pillow and photo blanket; a complete bedding set!

Of course, this is not limited to lovers, you can also give your child’s bedroom this unique spin. Rather than a bedding set of some insignificant cartoon character, how about a collage of their baby pictures on their bedding, blanket and pillows? Also, if you’re into Personalized Gifts this Christmas, there is nothing more personal than your own pictures. So ditch the traditional Christmas Family Card this Holiday and just give everyone a unique family photo pillow.

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