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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

iPhone alternative: LG-KS20

If you want an iPhone running on Windows Mobile 6, then the LG-KS20 is a good alternative for you. The LG-KS20 has the same form factor as the iPhone although some might argue that LG was the one who first introduced the “iPhone” concept through the LG Prada but let’s not get into that argument.

One thing that you would like on the LG-KS20 is that it is HSDPA capable, never mind that the iPhone will be running 3G next year, HSDPA is better than 3G which will allow you to have download speeds of about 3.6MBps on your LG-KS20, of course, HSDPA is all network dependent. I don’t know whether to put Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 on the advantages or disadvantages mainly because many people have mixed reactions on WM6. Since I listed it here on advantages, it means that the LG-KS20 will have the capability of running third party applications without the need of a web browser. You can edit MS Office documents on the go using the built in applications such as word mobile, excel mobile, and PowerPoint viewer. The LG-KS20 also has Bluetooth A2DP profile which will allow you to listen to music using stereo Bluetooth headset.

DISADVANTAGES: The LG-KS20 only has a 2.8 inch screen, about more than half an inch smaller than the iPhone’s screen. The color screen also only supports 18 bit of colors which when compared to the iPhone’s 32 bit display, it would probably dwarf the LG-KS20’s display capabilities. The processor on the LG-KS20 is only a 400MHz Qualcomm processor, so expect it to lag when running multiple applications; however, I think the 128MB of RAM may be able to compensate for that.

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