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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dekemount TV brackets

The Great thing about having a LCD or Plasma TV is that you can mount it on walls, saving you precious space specially if you're living in a loft or apartment. I don't know whether some vendors offer free wall brackets if you buy your LCD or Plasma TV from them but I guess it depends on which retailer you're buying from.

If you're unfortunate enough not to get a free wall bracket from your retailer, you can always buy a better TV Bracket from several online stores. offers universal TV wall brackets for your Plasma or LCD TV. An advantage of having a universal wall bracket for your TV is that when you do decide to upgrade to a bigger screen, you can always use your dekemount wall bracket again. You can choose a fixed or tilting wall bracket and they do not only offer wall brackets just for Plasma or LCD TV, they also offer an kind of TV brackets and floating DVD brackets. offers 18 months warranty on their brackets plus a money back guarantee.

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