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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Toyota Unveils new Partner Robots

Toyota has unveiled two new robots, one is a mobility robot that can be used for personal transport and a violin playing robot with flexible fingers. These two new robots will be added to Toyota's Partner Robot Series.

The mobility robot is capable of autonomous movement even on uneven ground and can tackle small obstacles while the violin playing robot is equipped with 17 joints in both hands and arms and also has human like dexterity.

Now I can totally see the mobility robot as being of use but a violin playing robot? Who would spend their hard-earned dollars to see a robot play a violin when you can just pop a CD unto a CD player and that's it, you have music...Well, I guess a violin playing robot would be cool to see in restaurants but still, I don't get it. Apparently they also have a trumpet playing robot.

Anyways, Toyota plans to commercialize these robots in early 2010.

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