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Monday, December 3, 2007

Samsung is No. 2 in Global Phone Market

Okay, so what's happening to Motorola? They've just been bumped out of the number two spot in the Global Phone Market by Samsung. So who's number one? Do you really need to ask? It's Nokia of course, it's not like Apple ever made a dent on Nokia's sales.

Anyways, according to the report, Motorola's sales were sluggish during the third quarter of 2007. I'll tell you what's wrong Motorola, don't just bank on your RAZR line! Sure, they're sleek and sexy and totally cool but it doesn't mean that you have to milk it for everything it's got, it's nice to see variety once in a while.

In terms of phone performance and specifications, Motorola doesn't really have a problem there, I've liked my Motorola phones, however, they need to get someone on the drawing board and start making cooler looking handsets that doesn't involve clam-shell and razor thin design.

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