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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Toshiba to postpone making OLED TVs

While Sony is already taking pre-orders of their OLED TV, Toshiba announced that they will be postponing the commercialization of OLED panels. Toshiba initially planned to release a 30 inch OLED TV in 2009 but during their press release, the president of Toshiba announced that it would postpone its plans.

According to TMD, the company that is developing the panel for Toshiba's OLED TV, on a 30 inch TV, the power consumption of an OLED panel is larger than an LCD panel and it would take them a little more time to make an OLED's power consumption less than the LCD.

Now, this I don't get, I've heard that OLED TVs require less power since they don't need backlight and now Toshiba is saying that it requires a lot more power, so which is it, really?

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