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Monday, December 10, 2007

Business Intelligence's role in an Enterprise

If you own a business, you know all the daunting tasks that come with managing it. It is not enough that what you know is “okay”, you should know everything there is to know about your business, the ins and outs, and the correct data and information to process and follow up. This is where business intelligence of managers will come in handy.

Business Intelligence can refer to any technology or application that is used for the collection, storage, and analysis of business information to help an enterprise make more informed decisions. Even a small company has need for business intelligence since with the growing number of applications and the fast paced technology we have, information can become more and more vast and sorting through all that data and analyzing what is useful could be difficult for one person to do. That is why bigger corporate enterprises hire Business Intelligence Experts.

Investing in Business Intelligence Experts is not a waste of money. Even with the most intelligent of business graduates from Harvard or Oxford rely on Business Intelligence Experts, this is because, information can come from a variety of source and an expert on one subject cannot rely on his limited knowledge to make informed decisions regarding these information. Business Intelligence Experts are pros in their own field. You cannot expect a Harvard Business Graduate to know different data that is being churned out by software; that is a computer science graduate or programmer’s job.

A Business Intelligence Expert’s job is to analyze the data coming into your company and help you understand what the data is all about so that you, as a manager can take action. Based on your decided action, the consultants can also help you design and develop solutions that would be very valuable for your business.

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