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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hair Transplant doctor in Florida

Is it me or does the jingle in this Hair Transplant website sound oddly familiar? Anyways, whether it’s familiar or not, the jingle has a catchy tune. LOL. Another interesting thing about the website aside from its jingle is that they have actual video testimonials of their patients. I mean, if you’re looking for testimonials, it’s better to see a video of the actual patient than see a written testimonial without any idea if it was actually from the patient, right? Oh, and if you’re still not convinced about the video testimonials, the hair doctor can actually arrange for you to meet with his clients.

For anyone who’s considering hair transplant, you might actually consider going to the website since they offer a free consultation. You can view the actual surgical procedure and even meet patients who have undergone the same procedure so you can ask questions and get first hand information.

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