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Friday, December 7, 2007

Appraisal Exam Study Resources

If you’re taking your Real Estate State License Appraisal Exam but don’t know any resources on the Internet where you can get review materials, I’ve come across a website that might help you. They have an Appraisal Test Software called CompuCram which they guarantee will help you pass your Appraisal Exam. They have exams for all fifty states and their questions are up to date from recent exam questions. They even have a money back guarantee for their CompuCram software.

If you’re the traditional learner and you’re not into computer software, they also have Real Estate Appraisal textbooks for the traditional learner and Appraisal flashcards for visual learners that can help you master real estate terminology. If you’re too busy to browse through a software, read a book or look at flashcards, you might want to try the Appraisal Vocab Crammer Audio CD and Dictionary Set. The Appraisal Vocab Crammer Audio CD and Dictionary Set will be perfect if you’re too busy, you can even learn if you’re asleep, that is, if you believe in sleep learning.

Aside from the Appraisal Exam study aids, they also offer the same study resources for Real Estate Sales, Property Inspection, Mortgage Lending, etc.

For me, I think the best learning tool is the CompuCram software. It is really better to study using simulated test questions to prepare you for the real thing, besides, if they back it up with a money back guarantee then it will probably work, right?

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