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Monday, December 10, 2007

Panasonic SDR-H18 Review

If you're looking for a good camcorder for your home video needs, the Panasonic SDR-H18 might be one of the camcorders that you might want to look into. It has all the capabilities and functions that you would like on a home video camcorder. Specifications of the Panasonic SDR-H18 include: 32x optical zoom, 1000x digital zoom, 1/6 inch 680,000 pixel CCD sensor, .3 megapixels still resolution, MPEG-2 video output, 30 GB hard disk drive, supports SD memory card, 2.7 inch LCD display, and built-in microphone.

The Panasonic SDR-H18 is comfortable to grip for those with normal sized palms but those with smaller palms will find themselves having a hard time handling the camcorder. The video quality on the Panasonic SDR-H18 is quite good and it can capture accurate colors quite though a little bit lighter. Autofocus on this device is superb, it quickly focuses on the subject after zooming in and at 32x optical zoom, parents will be sure to capture any detail of the program that their child is on. If you're one of those persons who just love shooting videos but hate replacing your camcorder's DVD or tape, you would love the ample 30GB hard disk on the Panasonic SDR-H18. But if you're the type who wants to easily transfer their videos, the SDR-H18 also supports SD memory card recording.

DISADVANTAGES: One thing I hate about the Panasonic SDR-H18 is that the USB connector is located at the back of the battery so it's a real pain when you're trying to connect to your PC. It would also be nice if there's 3CCD instead of only one. One thing I don't get is how the Panasonic SDR-H18 can have 32x optical zoom but yet it doesn't support macro mode. Still image resolution is only sub-par as it can only capture still images at .3 megapixels. The Panasonic SDR-H18 can't handle video recording on very low light conditions and picture quality will come out noisy.


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