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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cowon A3 Portable Multimedia Player Now Available

Cowon has just released the successor to their A2 PMP. The Cowon A3 is a shiny new PMP that comes in 30GB and 60GB models.

Whoa! 60GB! That's a lot of storage compared with iPod Touch's 16GB model. I guess the large storage space is needed since the Cowon A3 has the capability of directly recording from external A/V devices like your TV, camcorder or VCR. The Cowon A3 also sports a 4 inch widescreen display capable of displaying a 16 million colors. The Cowon A3 supports can display the same colors as the iPod touch but its display is .5 inch larger, also, I think that the iPod touch has a screen resolution of 640x480 while the Cowon A3 has 800x480 resolution, not really much of a difference since the Cowon A3 has a larger display so naturally, it has to have a bigger screen resolution.

Another feature that the Cowon A3 has that the iPod touch lacks is an FM radio. The Cowon A3 is available at for $399.99, almost the same price as the iPod touch. I think that the Cowon A3 has a lot of multimedia features compared with the iPod Touch but let's face it, the iPod touch has more style.


Luck said...

There are unboxed photos at gadgetholic

Review to follow.

nopreceja said...

iPod Touch has resolution 480x320, not 640x480, so it is big difference in comparsion with A3`s 800x480

natalie1981 said...

Sorry. Got my specs over at CNET, it says it has a video resolution of 640 x 480.