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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Overview: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T2

By: JWhite

Sony Europe has just unveiled a new line of Cyber-Shot cameras, the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T2 Series. The most prominent feature that Sony is banking on is the 4 GB internal memory with Album Function, apart from that, there's really nothing new about the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T2 series.


In terms of design, the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T2 series looks pretty much the same as the other Sony Cyber-Shot T series with the all-metal body and high color finishes, the only difference is the the 5 color options. The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T2 will be available in black, blue, green, pink, and white. The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T2 series also has a 2.7 inch touch screen LCD so you can have a bigger and clearer preview of the shots you take. The 2.7 inch display on the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T2 also lets you enjoy the new "scrapbook" feature which lets you collage your images right on your camera as well as choose themed backgrounds for your on screen scrapbook.


The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T2 series features 8.1 effective mega pixels with BIONZ image processor and 3x optical zoom Carl Zeiss lens. Like the previous Cyber-Shot models that Sony released, the Cyber-Shot DSC-T2 series also has Sony's Double Anti-Blur, Face Detection, and high ISO Sensitivity that can reach up to ISO 3200. The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T2 series also has the smile shutter function that automatically takes the picture when the subject smiles to ensure that you never have to take pictures of frowning subjects again.To cater to the social networking crowd and the growing number of people online who are sharing photos, Sony added a "Sharemark" technology which lets users easily tag and share their photos. The included Picture Motion Browser Portable software also lets users easily share their images on sites like Flickr.

The Sony Cyber-Shot T2 series is also equipped with a huge 4GB of internal memory so you never have to erase your photos again. The Album function automatically indexes and arrange your photos so you can quickly access and track down your images. The Cyber-Shot T2 series also has an HD output and PhotoTV HD mode so you can view your photos in stunning HD quality right on your HD TV.

Pricing and Availability

Sony has yet to announce pricing for the Cyber-Shot T2 series but Sony announced that the Cyber-Shot T2 will be available in Europe starting November. No word yet as to US release. A 4GB internal memory isn't really something that can woo consumers specially since memory card prices have been dropping since last year, however, Sony already has a solid consumer base and they have already proved that they can deliver quality point and shoot compact cameras so Sony fans wanting to replace their old digital cameras may be the first ones to grab to get the new Cyber-Shot T2 series.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One BIG problem with this fantastic camera is that, if your touchscreen decides to uncalibrate itself, it is Impossible to access the menu to recalibrate it.

A serious oversight by sony.

They are extremely unhelpful with the aftercare aswell, even after my torrent of emails, phonecalls and complaints they have not got back to me to resolve this issue.

Al in all, very nice camera, but not very durable!