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Thursday, July 3, 2008

SunBlazer Holster for Mobile Phones

I know environmentalists hate gadget fanatics because we add to the non-biodegradable trash already polluting our world every time we throw out our old gadgets and the fact that we use so much energy that we're probably the reason why there's an ongoing oil crisis.

Well, the SunBlazer will probably cater to environmentalist's taste buds. The SunBlizer is a solar charger for your mobile phone in the form of a wearable holster. Though not really a charger but more of a backup battery that helps power up your mobile phone since the SunBlazer utilizes the sun to maintain your phone's battery at peak charge.

There's no word as to when the company is planning to release the SunBlazer and for how much. The SunBlazer is made by Pricelister's subsidiary, Genesis Electronics. Incidentally, the SunBlazer is the first consumer electronics product made by Genesis Electronics.

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