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Monday, July 14, 2008

A look at the Palm Treo 800w

Looks like Palm is still hanging on. After months of keeping quiet without any new mobile phone except for the Palm Centro, the original smart phone manufacturer has announced a new windows mobile phone to their line-up: the Palm Treo 800w.


The Palm Treo 800w is slightly larger than the Palm Centro which is good considering that it will give you a slightly larger and roomier QWERTY keypad. The Palm Treo 800w feels solid to hold plus it doesn't have that shiny surface which could leave annoying fingerprints.


The Palm Treo 800w sports a Qualcomm MSM6800A processor clocked at 333 MHz. Though in terms of MHz, it is faster than the Samsung Blackjack and Motorola Q9h, for those multi-taskers, you will still feel the lag compared with the Samsung i780 which has a Marvel processor clocked at around 600MHz. Palm is generous enough to put in a 128MB of RAM but the processor and the RAM still isn't powerful enough to handle desktop browsing on the pocket internet explorer. I recommend using Opera Mini on your midlet manager to speed up your browsing experience.

As for connectivity options, the Palm Treo 800w packs a lot of options. High speed EvDO Rev A network compatibility allows you to connect to the internet at broadband speeds even if you're not connected via WiFi hotspot but if you did manage to find yourself an open WiFi access, the Palm Treo 800w has built-in WiFi plus the integrated GPS allows you to find your way if you're in a new city.

Like the Samsung i780, the Palm Treo 800w has a 320 x 320 screen resolution so you might find some compatibility issues with some applications. I recommend using RealVGA at 90dpi in order to make your home screen look spiffy. The GPS receiver is very fast plus Palm has an integrated plug-in on the homescreen to allow you to search for places in a jiffy.

Other features include: 2 megapixel camera, micrSD slot, 256MB internal memory, infrared, Bluetooth with A2DP profile, Microsoft Direct push technology, Windows Media Player, and the new Windows 6.1 Mobile Professional OS.


Since I was able to get my hands on the Samsung i780, I can't help being biased towards the latter. However, since there's no word yet as to whether the Samsung i780 would hit the states, the Palm Treo 800w is a good alternative.

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